Wednesday, April 13, 2011


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Hello, I am back and today I am visiting the Jazzercise class in Lower Burrell. It is located on Leechburg Road.

My intention is to check out different exercise facilities and to compare what they have to offer.
Some exercise programs require that you continue to follow them indefinitely.  I would like to find an exercise program that I enjoy.  Time is valuable and commitment is the key. I do not want to work out every day and/or for that matter more than twice a week. 

Upon walking in to the studio, the atmosphere is pleasant. The room is bright and it has a great view of the outside world. Everyone appears to be ready to rock and roll. The music is upbeat and I must admit that I like it already!

The group of women here today is from ages 22 years to 60 years of age. They are wearing anything from tights to jogging outfits. I see water bottles and towels everywhere.

I was told that one can burn up to 600 calories in one fun and powerfully effective 60-minute total body workout. So let’s find out if this is true. (I must add that I am not able to do these exercises effectively but I will be doing my best!) 

Jazzercise music is combining a dance-based cardio with strength training. There is stretching to sculpt tone and lengthen muscles for maximum fat burn. This is choreographed to today's hottest music; there is jazz dancing, along with intense resistance training. Believe it or not there is Pilates, yoga, and kickboxing all combined in to one dance instruction!

I keep hearing that this is a way to dance yourself fit and to change the shape of your body-quick! Plus... It does not create bulky muscles!

The class runs for 60 minutes and I am 45 minutes in to this and I must say that I have to stop working out. My heart is pumping and I am sweating profusely! This type of exercise has my body tingling all over and heart rate pumping!

I have just learned that if one would care to follow a diet plan, Jazzercise has many types of diets created to help you. I would like to add that I have not included prices of anything because I would like readers to be able to judge what the actual program has to offer.

My goal is to do the leg work and to let the readers experience thru me as to what works and what doesn't.

 Jazzercise has given me intense workout but I feel great! 
      I am impressed with their program. 


        For my next adventure, I will be visiting a Zumba class.


  1. Excellent post I like how you described what you saw when you walked into the class. I think it is important no one wants to go to an exercise class that just doesn't get you motivated. I tried Jazzercise with my mom and friends a few years ago. It is definitely a workout no one leaves un-sweaty . The music they pick is always fun to workout to and if you go with friends you can have an even better time.

  2. Mary Beth,

    I find it interesting how you are writing your blogs,it has a unique way of relaying the to people that are reading it. I like the visuals.

    Don Findley

  3. This is a good idea! I am really getting bored at the gym and want to mix things up a little bit! You did a really good job. My cousin does jazzercise and she loves it. I look forward to hearing about zumba class.

    -Kendra McCracken

  4. Great post!!! I love the way that you described what you saw around the room the entire time. When I was younger I used to go with my mom to her Jazzercise class and I always found it exciting. The music was always the hit tunes of the time and everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves. I hope you find the kind of class that works for you.
    Melissa Cunningham

  5. Hi Mary Beth.
    I am still wondering if I should just plant a garden for exercise this summer. It is almost time and I have a pulled muscle in my knee so I don't want to get too physical.

    Ruth Hall

  6. Mary Beth,
    Great visual detail on your post!! Jazzercise has been around for awhile, but zumba has taken over. I never get into group exercising, I would rather lift and walk. Great job!!

    Suzanna Harmening

  7. Good job Mary Beth. Your picture is very catchy. Jazzercise sounds fun. You will love Zumba. Prepare to shake things you didn't know you had!

    Cary Bryson

  8. Mary Beth,
    I loved that for your post(and yourself)you went and visited exercise places. This is a great idea to show readers what there is out there and what else gyms have to offer. I have never taken jazzercise or zumba classes, but I have done a zumba video game. I did the beginners warm-up for 5 minutes and I was out of breath. So good luck at the zumba class, I can only imagine...
    This was a great post and I liked how you decided to reveal the information to readers. That was a very good idea. I hope you enjoy your zumba class, can't wait to hear about it.

    Thanks for the information,
    Kristen Mummert

  9. This was a great post. I liked how you didn't put the prices because most will not even want to hear about the program once they here the price. I have never done jazzercise before but just might have to try it after this.

    Melissa Stickney

  10. So this was an amazing post that provided great detail, and let one go into the class with you without really being there. This class seems to be something I myself would be interested in, and I plan on looking into it. Best of luck.

    Cassie Gilkey

  11. Mb,

    Good Post. I like to hear of the different programs that are offered and I am glad to hear that you enjoyed your experience at this one. I had thought of making my own routine at home that I could work to but I never have the time to work out. I should tell my girlfriend of a place like this, she might be interested in going to something like this place.

    Richard Jordan

  12. Mary Beth,
    Your experiences sound like a good time. It makes me want to go try all of these classes, too. I'm not sure which one sounds like the most fun, but I'm definitely intrigued. Nice job.

  13. Mary beth,

    I really enjoyed reading your post. You provided good detail and a great visual description of what the class is like. I was really able to get a feel of what the class has to offer. I personally have never attended a jazzercise class, but would like to. I feel that I would really enjoy it. Great job and thanks for your post!

    Jennifer Samios

  14. I would like to thank everyone for your positive feedback and giving me a big head.

    I will hardly be able to get through a door now!

    I had so much fun trying these different programs.

    I have also learned that exercising is not a chore.

    I plan to join the YMCA in Natrona Heights because Zumba is offered there.

    I am hooked!

    Thank you again for your support.

    Mary Beth


    I should mention that Jazzercise is ALOT like Zumba.

    I feel that it is safe to mention price now.

    I have found that the YMCA is resonable and offers more exercise options for me to try.